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Barcode Product name Description
5999010808155 Aluminium coffee maker 1 cup. Material: aluminium
5999010806403 Aluminium coffee maker 1 cup. Material: aluminium
5999010806410 Aluminium coffee maker 3 cups. Material: aluminium.
5999010804317 Aluminium coffee pot 4 cups. Material: aluminium.
5999010807264 Aluminium coffee pot 6 cups. Material: aluminium.
5999010808742 Anti-spatter cover 29cm Material: metal, plastic.
5999010813043 Apple core drill Material: metal, plastic.
5999010813142 Apple slicer. Material: metal and plastic.
5999010807332 Biscuit cutter forms T - pine Material: metal.
5999010802436 Biscuit form basket 20 pcs. Material: metal.
5999010800975 Biscuit presser for meat mincer 10 Material: metal.
5999010800951 Biscuit presser for meat mincer 5 Material: metal.
5999010800968 Biscuit presser for meat mincer 8 Material: metal.
5999010805130 Biscuit shaper crescent 20pcs Material: metal.
5999010805123 Biscuit shaper walnut. 20pcs. Material: metal.
5999010802832 Bottle cleaning brush fibre Material: metal, fibre.
5999010802825 Bottle cleaning brush plastic Material: metal, plastic.
5999010802429 Bottle+can opener Material: metal.
5999010801774 Bundt cake pan thick. Material: metal.
5999010801781 Bundt cake pan thin. Material: metal
5999010802313 Cabbage rasp Material: metal.
5999010802726 Cake + bundt cake pan Material: metal.
5999010800071 Cake decorating kit with bag Material: plastic.
5999010800715 Cake decorating tool Material: plastic.
5999010807974 Cake Pan 18 cm Ø. Material: metal.
5999010802702 Cake Pan 22 cm Ø. Material: metal.
5999010800186 Cake pan 24 cm hearth-shaped Material: metal.
5999010802719 Cake Pan 26 cm Ø. Material: metal.
5999010800063 Cake shaper mini 4pcs. Material: metal.
5999010808605 Can opener butterfly II. Material: painted iron.
5999010801767 Can opener butterfly. Material: Metal.
5999010808148 Can opener I. Material: metal.
5999010806465 Can opener I. class. Material: metal.
5999010812190 Can opener II. Material: metal.
5990072948001 Can opener. Material: metal, plastic.
5999010812107 Can-opener metal Material: metal.
5999010800556 Can-opener tourist 10pcs Material: metal.
5999010801866 Cast iron washer under coffee maker cross Material: cast iron.
5999010806267 Cast iron washer under coffee maker round Material: cast iron.
5999010801842 Cast iron washer under dishes 17 cm Ø Material: Cast iron, treated with wax to prevent rusting.
5999010806250 Cast iron washer under dishes 21 cm Ø Material: Cast iron, treated with wax to prevent rusting.
5999010815689 Ceramic knife set ornament box RL-5MSTG Material: ceramic coated metal, plastic. The sett includes: five pcs of ceramic coated knife.
5999010802320 Cheese grater Material: metal.
5999010806533 Cheese grater with handle Material: stainless steel, plastic.
5999541203405 Cheese grinder+3 cylinders Material: metal, plastic.
5999010813036 Cheese slicer Material: stainless steel.
5999010814811 Chestnut oven polished Material: Polished steel.
5999880496537 Citrus squeezer Material: plastic.
5999880468336 Clothespin plastic 30pcs Material: plastic.
5998881701046 Coffee maker Fatima Material: metal, porcelain.
5998881701008 Coffee maker Kalifa. Material: aluminium.
5999010813319 Coffee pot 6 cups stainless steel Material: stainless steel.
5999010808209 Coffee pot glass heigh Material: metal, glass.
5999010812114 Compote jar opener universal. Material: plastic.
5999010800036 Compote jar opener. Material: plastic.
5999880033343 Corkscrew with handles qualitative Material: metal.
5999506058828 Corkscrew with wooden handle Material: metal, wood.
5999010802788 Cucumber slicer Material: plastic, blue steel blade.
5999010802818 Cucumber slicer adjustable Material: plastic, stainless steel blade.
5999010802795 Cucumber slicer with stainless steel blade Material: plastic, stainless steel blade.
5999010808650 Donuts shaper 7cm Material: metal.
5999010815726 Donuts shaper 8cm Material: metal.
5999010815733 Donuts shaper 9 cm Material: metal.
5999010802092/2 Dumpling cutter express big hole Material: metal, plastic.
5999010802092 Dumpling cutter express small hole Material: metal, plastic.
5999010808292 Dumpling cutter spoon Material: metal, wooden handle.
5999010802078/2 Dumpling cutter with handle big hole Material: metal
5999010802078 Dumpling cutter with handle small hole Material: metal
5999010804119/2 Dumpling cutter with spoon big hole Material: metal, wooden handle.
5999010804119 Dumpling cutter with spoon small hole Material: metal, wooden handle.
5999010813326 Dumpling cutter with wooden spoon big hole Material: metal, wooden spoon.
5999010813326 Dumpling cutter with wooden spoon small hole Material: metal, wooden spoon.
5999010804300 Duster adjustable Material: plastic.
5999010805680 Egg slicer combined. Material: plastic, stainless steel.
5999010805673 Egg slicer plastic. Material: plastic, stainless steel.
5999010807622 Egg slicer stainless steel. Material: stainless steel.
5999010811575 Egg-beater 26cm. Material: metal.
5999010800548 Egg-beater 32cm. Material: metal.
5999010811582 Egg-beater 38cm. Material: metal.
5999010800579 Egg-beater cocktail. Material: metal, wood.
5999010800586 Egg-beater with spring. Material: metal, wood.
5999010800623 Fish scale peeler Material: metal, wood.
5999010806724 Fish squeezer plastic Material: plastic, stainless steel.
5999010808612 Fish squeezer stainless steel Material: stainless steel.
5999010801835 Flame spreader mesh. Material: metal.
5999010801828 Flame spreader plate 11x11 cm 10pieces Material: galvanized metal.
5999010801798 Flame spreader plate 13 cm. Ø 10pieces Material: galvanized metal.
5999010801804 Flame spreader plate 17 cm. Ø 10pieces Material: galvanized metal.
5999010801811 Flame spreader plate 20 cm. Ø 10pieces Material: galvanized metal.
5999541208868 Flame spreader with handle Material: metal, wood.
5999010800193 Foam roller 12pcs. Material: metal.
5999010812428 Forks 12pcs. Material: metal.
5999010812961 Fruit basket GY. Material: galvanized iron.
5999010800487 Fruit cake shaper 29cm. Material: metal.
5999010813562 Fruit grinder Material: metal.
5999010805659 Fruits basket Material: galvanized iron.
5999010805642 Fruits basket 24x10cm Material: galvanized iron.
5999010806113 Fruits basket deep 24x15cm Material: galvanized iron.
5999010805260 Fruits basket swinging Material: galvanized iron.
5999010807325 Funnel plastic 3 pcs. Material: plastic.
5999880015646 Garlic squeezer 1564. Material: metal.
5999010812183 Garlic squeezer EXTRA. Material: metal.
5999010813050 Garlic squeezer. Material: aluminium.
5999010801309 Glass coffee pot. Material: glass, plastic.
5999010812800 Glass dryer Material: chromed iron.
5999010800373 Goose feather Material: goose feather.
5999010809794 Goose force feeder Material: metal.
5999010812862 Grater stainless steel Material: plastic, stainless steel.
5999010815023 Hatchet ceramic coated BL3022 Material: ceramic coated metal, plastic.
5999010809602 Honey pump Material: plastic.
5999880031417 Kitchen hanger with 10 hook Material: metal.
5999010813067 Kitchen scale 5kgs Material: Plastic.
5999010805529 Knife bread slicer Material: metal, plastic.
5999010809534 Knife knurled 10cm Material: metal, wood.
5999010812886 Knife restaurant Material: metal.
5999056755345 Knife set 7pcs BL3029 Material: metal, plastic.
5990072948032 Knife sharpener. Material: metal, plastic.
5999880470704 Knife sharper Material: metal, plastic.
5999010800792 Knife Solingen 6cm 6pcs. Material: metal, plastic.
5999010800785 Knife Solingen 9cm 6pcs. Material: metal, plastic.
5999010807899 Knob 2pcs Material: metal, plastic.
5999010801279 Kohlrabi drill. Material: metal, wood.
5999010808278 Ladle 10 cm Ø inox Material: stainless steel.
5999506053601 Lemon squeezer + container Material: Plastic.
5999010815252 Loaf Pan 34x12cm Material: Metal.
5906031110495 Loaf Pan 40x13cm inox Material: stainless steel.
5999010807608 Lubricating brush silicone Material: plastic, silicone.
5999010801378 Lubricating brush with wooden handles Material: wood, fibre.
5999036006658 Marguerite cutter plastic Material: plastic.
5999010801224 Meat beater metal Material: metal.
5999010814446 Meat hook stainless steel 5 pieces Material: stainless steel.
5999010801125 Meat pin 10 pieces Material: metal.
5999010810073 Meat tong 36cm Material: metal.
5999010805192 Meat tongs N. Material: metal.
5999010800746 Meat tongs RM. H. Material: Stainless steel.
5999010805222 Meat tongs RM. L. Material: Stainless steel.
5999010809114 Mixing bowl 25cm Material: stainless steel.
5999010808131 Mixing bowl 29cm Material: stainless steel.
5999010801262 Mocha spoon 12 pcs. Material: stainless steel.
5999010800272 Mousetrap. Material: metal.
5999010807585 Muffin pan 12 pcs. Material: aluminium.
5999010812473 Muffin pan 12 pcs. heart-shaped Material: aluminium.
5999880009331 Mug Material: metal.
5999010807806 Nutcracker extra. Material: metal.
5999010815634 Nuts grinder+3 cylinders Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic.
5999010800593 Onion holder. Material: metal, plastic.
5999010808995 Pancake turner silicone Material: metal, silicone.
5999010807073 Pastry cutter machine. Material: metal.
5999010800624 Peeler cross-bladed S 5pcs. Material: plastic, stainless steel.
5999010800647 Peeler cross-bladed. Material: metal, wood.
5999010812336 Peeler straight M Material: metal, plastic.
5999010800501 Peeler straight S 10pcs. Material: plastic, stainless steel.
5999010800630 Peeler straight. Material: metal, wood.
5999010813913 Peeler with cross blade metal Material: painted iron.
5999506058453 Pot scrubber metal 3 pcs Material: metal.
5999010800111 Potato crusher H. Material: metal, wood.
5999010800128 Potato crusher K. Material: metal, wood.
5999880513401 Potato cutter Material: metal, plastic.
5999541209636 Potato cutter extra Material: metal, plastic.
5999880513418 Potato cutter II. Material: metal, plastic.
5999010805420 Potato squeezer FM. Material: painted metal.
5999010808575 Potato squeezer H. Material: metal.
5999010806335 Potato squeezer RM I. Material: stainless steel.
5999010800104 Potato squeezer RM M. Material: stainless steel.
5999036006726 Pretzel cutter plastic Material: plastic.
5999010804072 Pyramid biscuit shaper Material: plastic.
5999010807301 Rasp with box. Material: metal, plastic.
5999010802856 Rat-trap Material: metal.
5999010813814 Ravioli cutter stainless steel Material: wood, stainless steel.
5999010808681 Ravioli cutter. Material: metal, wood.
5999010800229 Ravioli shaper 2 pcs rare Material: metal.
5999010800229 Ravioli shaper 2 pcs thick Material: metal.
5998678100434 Ravioli shaper mini 2 pcs Material: metal.
5999010800173 Ravioli shaper plastic. Material: plastic.
5999010807677 Ravioli+pasta cutter Material: stainless steel.
5999010800449 Saddle of venison cake pan 32x10 cm CS Material: metal.
5999010800137 Saddle of venison cake pan 32x10 cm K Material: metal.
5999541207342 Sausage maker Material: Stainless Steel, Wood, Plastic Capacity: 4 liters
5999056741942 Sausage maker BL-1208 Material: stainless steel bottom, cast iron base Capacity: 5,6 kg
5999010815108 Scissors Material: metal, plastic.
5999010802245 Scones cutter 3 cm. Material: metal.
5999010808667 Scones cutter 4 cm. Material: metal.
5999010808957 Scones cutter set 4 pcs. T. Material: metal.
5999010800319 Sharpening steel. Material: steel.
5999010801484 Small knife. Material: metal, plastic.
5999010806168 Spice egg. Material: stainless steel.
5999010812411 Spoons 12pcs. Material: metal.
5999880002509 Spoons 6 pcs. Material: metal.
5999010802276 Square rasp Material: metal.
5906031110013 Square rasp stainless steel Material: stainless steel.
5998678100144 Square rasp with blade Material: metal.
5999541200220 Stainless dumpling cutter express R. Material: stainless steel.
5999541208752 Stainless dumpling cutter express. Material: stainless steel, plastic.
5999010806892/2 Stainless dumpling cutter with handle big hole Material: stainless steel.
5999010806892 Stainless dumpling cutter with handle small hole Material: stainless steel.
5999010806885 Swatter 10pcs Material: plastic.
5999010802672 Tea dipper Material: stainless steel.
5999010808674 Tea pot Material: teflon, glass.
5999010802382 Tent clip Material: plastic.
5999010802177 Tomato grinder Material: plastic, stainless steel.
5999010802191 Tomato squeezer Material: metal, wooden rollers.
5999010811506 Tomato squeezer cast aluminium Material: cast aluminium.
5999010806557 Wafer cooker rounded Material: cast aluminium, iron and wooden handle.
5999010808308 Wafer cooker square Material: aluminium, wooden handles.
5999010815269 Waffer cooker 16x14 Material: aluminium, wooden handles.
5999010815757 Waffer cooker 18x14 Material: aluminium, wooden handles.
5999010807615 Waiter corkscrew I. Material: metal, plastic.
5999056742512 Walnut grinder. Material: metal, plastic.